Ever Brighter: The Campaign for Our Next Century

Ever Brighter: The Campaign for Our Next Century

For almost a century, the University of Miami has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for South Florida, the nation, and the world.
For almost a century, the University of Miami has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for South Florida, the nation, and the world.

Our dynamic research, academic, athletic, and arts programs have long been a hallmark of this institution. Our health system excels at delivering high-quality care and advancing transformative, life-changing discoveries. Our alumni go on to lead distinguished lives in every field.

Having emerged as one of the great success stories in American higher education, we are poised to take our accomplishments into a new dimension of visibility and impact.

Doing so will require unprecedented support from our alumni and friends, as well as the collective strength and passion of Hurricanes everywhere.



The University of Miami community has always been linked by a shared commitment to shape a brighter future for our students—and boldly transform our world for the better.

’Canes have been pursuing—and achieving—this ambitious goal since our founding in 1925. Two themes lie at the heart of the University’s history: resilience and renewal. Shortly after our founding, our city was hit by one of the century’s most powerful hurricanes. During those early years, we dealt with the impact of the stock market crash, the ensuing Great Depression, and the devastating global impact of World War II. Today, we are reimagining higher education in the wake of COVID-19, its financial consequences, a social justice reckoning, and a world changing at light speed. As we approach our centennial, we benefit immensely from the global standing that the University has earned. At the same time, we are as energetic, innovative, and pioneering as ever. We are an experienced yet youthful university—one that remains committed to enduring as a force for good and a source of light in service to humanity.

Ever Brighter is the embodiment of all that we have accomplished—and all that we can achieve. The U occupies a unique position in the world. We have always been proud of our stature as a truly hemispheric institution. Our proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean is part of what makes our region one of the most culturally vibrant in the nation—and our campus so dynamic. Yet our city also faces east, toward Europe, Africa, and Asia—a vivid reminder of our expanding global impact. Our location at the crossroads of two hemispheres provides us with exceptional diversity. It also strengthens our interdisciplinary emphasis, our innovative approach to teaching and learning, and our ascent as a leading research institution. Ever Brighter honors our history while ensuring a strong future through philanthropic investments that span our entire enterprise and align with our long-term strategic vision.

The University of Miami not only links the world’s two hemispheres; it also thrives by integrating the hemispheres of the human brain. Our students, faculty, and staff connect analysis and synthesis to achieve breakthroughs across the spectrum of knowledge. Ever Brighter reflects this emphasis on pan-hemispheric excellence by embracing the emotional and the rational, combining quantitative and qualitative knowledge with creative expression, and placing equal value on the head and the heart. It honors our community’s collective wisdom by providing a blueprint for securing the resources we need to achieve preeminence across multiple areas of our institution. Medicine and the humanities. Science and the arts. Athletics and scholarship. Technology and democracy. Over the past century, we have strived to advance our understanding of these complex intersections. Ever Brighter will raise our profile—and our collective sense of pride and purpose—even higher by sparking innovation with real-world impact.

Philanthropy is not just about the amount you give; it is about the act of giving. Many alumni and community members do not realize that gifts of every size have a tangible impact on the University’s reputation. Contributing to Ever Brighter at any level not only increases the value of a University of Miami degree; it is also a show of support for all the Hurricanes—students, faculty, staff, alumni, grateful patients, and friends— who work to make the world brighter each day.

Thank you for all you do to improve, empower, and support the U. We invite you to join us as we build on our record of excellence to realize ever- greater accomplishments.

With gratitude,

Julio Frenk

Strength in numbers


Transformative gifts from exceptionally generous donors have ignited the light that is Ever Brighter. Three landmark gifts are illuminating the way toward achieving our historic $2.5 billion goal.

An anonymous donor contributed $126 million to the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center to accelerate breakthroughs in finding cures for cancer and to expand innovative treatment options for patients. The gift, the largest in the University’s history, was made in honor of Dr. Stephen Nimer, director of Sylvester and the Oscar de la Renta Endowed Chair in Cancer Research.

A landmark $100 million gift by Dr. Phillip and Patricia Frost established the Frost Institutes for Science and Engineering. This gift elevates the University’s work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which focuses on solving some of the world’s most vexing problems.

What began as a love story between two undergraduates—Patti Herbert, B.B.A. ’57, and Allan Herbert, B.B.A. ’55, M.B.A. ’58—culminated in a transformational gift to support the University’s trajectory as a global leader in business education. In honor of their $100 million in lifetime giving to their alma mater and the largest gift ever to the business school, the school was named the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School.



“Our family is ever prouder to be part of the U. We have long believed that in order for Miami to be a great city, it must be home to an ever greater University and an ever stronger medical center. That is why we’ve been so committed over the years and that is one of my greatest hopes for our Ever Brighter campaign—that others will be ever more inspired to get involved and lend their support, at all levels, to help propel the University of Miami to ever greater heights.”

Stuart A. Miller, J.D. ’82
Campaign Chair of Ever Brighter: The Campaign for Our Next Century