In Memoriam

Beautiful trees on the lush Coral Gables campus of the University of Miami.

In Memoriam

The University of Miami Alumni Association notes the passing of the following graduates
The University of Miami Alumni Association notes the passing of the following graduates

Mary Bartlett BungeMary Bartlett Bunge

Mary Bartlett Bunge, professor emeritus of cell biology, neurological surgery, and neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, died in February of 2024 at age 92.A passionate researcher who joined the University of Miami faculty in 1989, Bunge conducted groundbreaking research related to spinal cord injury at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Working with her husband, Richard Bunge, a former director of The Miami Project, she made important discoveries about Schwann cells and their potential to help repair nerve fibers after spinal cord injury. After his death in 1996, she carried on their work, which paved the way toward FDA-approved clinical trials for Schwann cell transplantation. A lifelong advocate of women in science, she served as chair of the Society for Neuroscience Development of Women’s Careers in Neuroscience Committee from 1994 to 2002 and established a lecture series to bring prominent women researchers in cell biology to the University each year.

Sheldon PalleySheldon Palley

Sheldon Palley, B.B.A. ’56, J.D. ’57, a longtime philanthropist, particularly to the arts at the University of Miami and throughout South Florida, died in January of 2024 at the age of 90. The Myrna and Sheldon Palley Pavilion for Contemporary Glass and Studio Arts is named for the extensive glass collection Palley and his late wife, Myrna, B.Ed. ’56, donated to the University’s Lowe Art Museum. When it opened in 2008, the pavilion became the first major addition to the Lowe in 12 years.


Corinne Greenberg, B.B.A. ’49


Burton Young, J.D. ’50
Audrey K. Pilafian, B.A.M. ’51, B.M. ’51, M.Ed. ’72
Barbara G. Benefield, B.Ed. ’52
Richard J. Horwich, B.B.A. ’52, J.D. ’54, LL.M.T. ’64
Frank P. Rock, B.B.A. ’52
Ellen S. Alvin, B.Ed. ’54, M.Ed. ’69
Sheldon B. Miller, B.B.A. ’54
Suzanne C. Schmidt, B.B.A. ’54
Alan B. Courney, B.S.M.E. ’55
Lewis Graham, B.A. ’55
Jeanne Heyward, J.D. ’55
Lester R. Johnson, B.B.A. ’55
Ann K. Lasnick, B.A. ’55
Paul W. Cardel, B.B.A. ’56
Barry B. Farber, B.B.A. ’56
John F. McMath, B.Ed. ’56, J.D. ’62
Sheldon B. Palley, B.B.A. ’56, J.D. ’57
Sydney D. Wruble, B.B.A. ’56, M.D. ’62
Mary Jo H. Drake, B.A. ’57
Ralph E. McGinnis, B.B.A. ’57
Max Spiegelman, B.B.A. ’57, J.D. ’59
Edward Russell, B.S. ’58
Marshall S. Shapo, B.A. ’58, J.D. ’64
Albert B. Stieglitz, B.A. ’58, J.D. ’64
Mallory H. Ferrell, B.A. ’59
Paul W. Jahnig, M.D. ’59


Thomas F. Bailey, B.B.A. ’60
Thomas E. Coundit, B.B.A. ’60, B.S.I.E. ’60, M.B.A. ’61
John A. Courtright, B.B.A. ’60
Patricia K. Rinaldi, B.A. ’60
Lewis H. Berman, B.B.A. ’61
Bernard L. Harris, B.A. ’61, M.D. ’65
Allan Marcus, B.A. ’61
John J. O’Day, B.B.A. ’61
Ira D. Cohen, B.B.A. ’62
Robert G. David, B.S. ’62
Robert P. De Van, B.B.A. ’62
Matthew A. Gissen, B.B.A. ’62, J.D. ’67

Harold Kassewitz, B.B.A. ’62
Allan Rosenbaum, B.A. ’62
Candido K. Sanchez, B.S.E.E. ’62
Michael J. Cappucio, B.A. ’63, J.D. ’66
Larry G. Chase, B.B.A. ’63
Susan A. England, B.A. ’63
David Rubin, B.S.E.E. ’63
Leslie R. Wilson, B.B.A. ’64
David K. Wise, M.D. ’64
Raul U. Martinez, B.B.A. ’65
Philip M. McAtee, B.B.A. ’65
Robert W. Neumann, B.Ed. ’65
Ian S. Rudnick, B.S. ’65, M.S. ’67
Frederick P. Swing, M.D. ’65
Lynne L. Boele, B.A. ’66, M.A. ’70
Richard W. Green, B.B.A. ’66, M.B.A. ’69
Richard K. Inglis, B.A. ’66, J.D. ’69
Frank J. Massa, B.Ed. ’66
Curtis T. O’Connor, B.A. ’66
Stephen M. Symons, B.A. ’66
Laurence F. Valle, B.S. ’66, J.D. ’69
Maria M. De Zarraga, B.Ed. ’67, M.Ed. ’75
Charles W. Pratt, B.S. ’67
Daryl T. Ries, B.S. ’67, Ph.D. ’81
Arthur E. Ross, B.Arch. ’67
Richard M. Smith, B.A. ’67
John T. Borowski, M.D. ’68
John M. Browne, M.S. ’68, Ph.D. ’70
Muriel N. Feldman, B.Ed. ’68
Ronni S. Green, B.Ed. ’68, M.S.Ed. ’79
Hannu O. Joensuu, B.A. ’68
Carol H. Landers, B.S.N. ’68
John S. Mertz, B.Ed. ’68
Susan S. Mitchell, B.S.N. ’68
Michael E. Horowitz, B.S. ’69, M.D. ’73
Orestes L. Padilla, B.B.A. ’69
Michael W. Senecal, B.B.A. ’69


Robert B. Kaufman, B.B.A. ’70
Arthur M. Kurtz, B.B.A. ’70
Kevin L. Medlock, M.S. ’70
Donald F. Pastor, B.Ed. ’70
Michael D. Weitzman, B.A. ’70
Richard Miller, B.S. ’71

Maruja Silva, B.A. ’71
Gene A. Hopkins, B.A. ’72
Robert A. Hoff, M.D. ’73
Thomasina B. O’Donnell, M.Ed. ’74, Ed.D. ’81
Ralph N. Person, J.D. ’74
Rita J. Bornstein, Ph.D. ’75
Phyllis K. Harte, J.D. ’75
Deborah A. Munkasy, M.Ed. ’75
James C. Snider, B.A. ’75
Roger L. Jeffery, B.S.C.E. ’76
Matthew A. William, M.Ed. ’77
Bradford Winston, M.S.Ed. ’77
William B. Gamble, J.D. ’78, LL.M.E. ’79
Charles E. Main, B.A. ’78
Frank L. McCune, B.Arch. ’78
William B. Kiesewetter, LL.M.T. ’79


Nina G. Tavora, M.S.Ed. ’80
Lynn Mannan, Ph.D. ’81
Mark Weinstein, B.G.S. ’83
Regina J. Frazier, M.B.A. ’84
Mitchel P. Fearing, M.D. ’85
Ute Baker, B.A. ’87
Phillip H. Taylor, J.D. ’88
Wing Y. Tong, B.S. ’88, M.S. ’91, M.A. ’09
Cathy A. Donovan, B.S. ’89
Sara M. Visosky, Ed.S. ’89
Alicia M. Wallace, M.S.Ed. ’89


Belle J. Johnson, Ed.S. ’93
Danielle D. Mollette-Parks, B.S.C. ’95
Stratton K. Murphy, B.B.A. ’96, M.B.A. ’98
Thomas J. Mann, M.B.A. ’99


Dorothy M. Warner-Benson, Ph.D. ’00
Andrea L. Hamilton, M.S.Ed. ’04


Dominic M. Christopher, B.B.A. ’12
Ian Campa, J.D. ’18


Sidney M. Capolino, B.S.N. ’23